A New Gallery Beneath Paris [underground art]

There is nothing I love more than underground culture, where art and creativity furnishes in the dimness of an urban city. Paris, the octopus of asphalt and chaos and smelly expensive cheese, underground art sees light in the darkest places. This work is a collaboration of several gorilla and none gorilla artists. This is formless free art that will remain for years and years snoozing under Paris for the discovering of wandering  souls.






” Imagine walking with a flashlight through this tunnel of darkness and discovering the 12 foot high stencil portrait by hometown Street Art star C215 as it hovers slightly above you. The large grizzled face looms as a memory, perhaps a miner or a railroad worker, with one eye closed, or missing. Maybe he is wincing at you because of the thick dust in this airless tunnel ”.

via huffingtonpost.com also via brooklynstreetart.com