Classic Sculptures Dressed in Modern Outfits by Léo Caillard

“French photographer Léo Caillard teamed up with French art director Alexis Persani to dress ancient Louvre’s sculptures into something more trendy and up-to-date.

To create ‘Street Stone’, Caillard first photographed the statues and his friends in similar poses. Then Persani stacked the shots on top of each other in Photoshop, erasing everything but the clothes from the top layer.

By contrasting modern and classical culture, the creative duo wanted to show that society has undergone a big change and continues changing. The results are hilarious! It also shows that clothes have an enormous impact on the way one is perceived.”

Retouching : Alexis Persani
Photography & conception : Léo Caillard


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Minimalism in consumerism [art-ish]


I’m a big advocate for minimalism and like to think of myself as a minimalist. Consumerism is never about minimalism [shy of Steve Jobs creations aka. Apple’s products].

I found this really cool stripping-down of a product to a really minimal packaging. It’s a big set, here are the ones I liked.

The project is by Mehmet Gozetlik a designer from Turkey, this is his website for a little more