About The Oven


Don’t we all like the smell of hot freshly baked home made goodies? Well this blog is not about food so put down that muffin and step back.

Showcasing and featuring the most astonishing work we come across is the main purpose of this blog. Ideas, ideologies, articles, art work, books, news and many other freshly baked human creation we come across on daily bases deserves to be showcased to be closer to the community of intellectuals we are part of.

Its an oven, a big fat one, for marinated greasy unconventional thoughts in the making.

about the author of this blog

An engineer and a writer, interested in a gazillion topics including art, design, illustrations, writing, reading, nonfiction, management, social media, films, tv shows, technology, science  philosophy, astronomy, minimalism, psychology, calligraphy, previously politics, social behavior, history among other interests.

Humanitarian when in a good mood. Hard to impress.


5 thoughts on “About The Oven

  1. Very interesting blog. I’m reading post after post, getting introduced to things I knew nothing about. Love how your interests are not limited to any spectrum, but how can you keep up? What’s your secret!?
    So much to read, so much to learn, you’re making me hungry for knowledge.

    • I’m thankful for this beautiful comment. Finding great content is one of my new hobbies, it keeps your brain active and always busy thinking about innovation.

  2. You’re an amazing person, who makes people interested to know more about you.. Well, I thought I’d be lucky to know more.. But unfortunately, I’m not :).. Have a great “other stuff that I mentioned before” lol 🙂

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