Wikipedia May Undergo Blackout To Protest SOPA [news]

If you go to Wikipedia in the next couple of days and don’t see anything, there probably isn’t anything wrong with your Internet connection. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is considering blanking out all  Wikipedia pages in protest of SOPA, a bill that countless Internet-based content providers and freedom of information advocates are particularly wary of. Wales pitched the idea to the Wikipedia community and feels that a blackout could send an extremely powerful message to law-makers. – via |


3 thoughts on “Wikipedia May Undergo Blackout To Protest SOPA [news]

  1. It is so funny how we do not hear about SOPA via mainstream media. It is a bit like what happened with the Occupy movement, only that this time the silencing is much more dangerous. I read somewhere something like this: SOPA will not stop online piracy, it will silence everybody else. I cannot imagine how the world would look like without online free flow of information as we have (or think we have) it today. Perhaps Wales will show us. I really wish he would! SOPA is against everyone’s bill of rights. The people who came up with this idea should be more preoccupied with the real evil that happens over the internet: trafficking of women and children into modern day slavery.

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