Better Decision Making [life]

The average Brit makes 773,618 decisions in a lifetime but lives to regret as many as 143,262 of them, a study has found.

Deliberating for nine minutes on the average decision, that’s four hours of decision-making time a day over the course of 27 decisions.

The study of 2,000 indecisive Brits, by Nintendo Puzzler Mind Gym 3D, found that while some decisions were made in seconds, others left us dithering – like the 39% of us who deliberate over making a cup of tea.

Two thirds admit to changing their mind throughout the day and seven in ten turn to other people before making their final call. In fact, 55% would prefer it if others made their decisions for them.

So, why do we find it so difficult to make our minds up? The fear of making a ‘wrong’ decision leaves many of us in limbo, often for long periods of time struggling to move forward towards what could be a better future.

If your indecisiveness makes you change your mind constantly throughout the day, find out how to become great at decision making with these expert tips from life coach, Sophia Davis.

Weigh Up The Pros And Cons

“Look at the situation from all angles and make a decision based all on the facts. You will find that doing it this way gives you the highest chance of the best outcome on the basis of everyone and everything involved.”

Become Wise

“Remember that every decision will provide you with learning opportunities. Take from them what you need, and use them to your greatest advantage so that you grow spiritually and use it in your future.”

Put Aside The Fear

“Understand that there is no such thing as a wrong decision, only a decision that was right for you at the time. On that basis, it doesn’t matter what decision you make. If the decision doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, you can always then make another decision.”

Look At The Worst Case Scenario
“Remember that even in a worst case scenario, situations can be rectified or managed if they have to be. Life is ever changing, nothing stays the same for long, so on that basis.
“What do you really have to lose. Decision making can be as dramatic or easy as you make it. So realise that without ‘wrong’ decisions, we would never have learnt to crawl as a baby, talk as a toddler, or be blessed with electricity, air travel or phone.”
Never Make A ‘Reactive’ Decision
”If the decision you are making is based on an emotional outburst or driven by emotions, it is likely to be a decision that does not necessarily support you. Try to hold of making any decisions until you are calm and thinking with a clear mind. Try to sit still with the decision you need to make and wait until the answer that feels right to you comes.”

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