New year, old time

Whether a new year or an old year, time remains nameless. Time, the massive entity looming in the fabric of the universe is formless, careless of how many years we spend on his back.

Time started with a bang, and one day it will end with a bang. The infinite void of nothingness shall once again rule what is beyond this tiny universe.


The next world tallest building will be in Saudi Arabia [engineering]

The Kingdom Tower

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai has officially been the world’s tallest building since its opening early last year, but by 2016-ish Saudi Arabia plans to let the UAE know exactly who the big brother is on the Arabian Peninsula. The Saudis have inked a deal between the Kingdom’s holdings company and a certain Bin Laden Group to build the world’s tallest building, an elegant yet extreme tower that will rise 3,281 feet above the streets of Jeddah.

Total cost: $1.23 billion, another $20 billion will be sunk into the development in Jeddah where the Kingdom Tower will take center stage.

via popsci

Van Gogh Masterpieces Made From Sundry Spices [spicy art]

This tasty looking interpretation is the creation of photographer Kelly Mccollam who crafted her work out of spices, food coloring, and potato chips. She says that Van Gogh is her favorite painter and that it only felt natural to create this piece, as well as other delicious re-imaginings of Van Gogh’s work.

via | geekosystem


Wikipedia May Undergo Blackout To Protest SOPA [news]

If you go to Wikipedia in the next couple of days and don’t see anything, there probably isn’t anything wrong with your Internet connection. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is considering blanking out all  Wikipedia pages in protest of SOPA, a bill that countless Internet-based content providers and freedom of information advocates are particularly wary of. Wales pitched the idea to the Wikipedia community and feels that a blackout could send an extremely powerful message to law-makers. – via |

World’s Fastest Flying Human Being

SENSE OF FLYING from Goovinn on Vimeo.

If you had one wish what would it be? When you were a kid I bet a lot of you said that you wanted to fly. As humans, we may rule the Earth but we’re relegated to walking and running. Meanwhile the birds, Richard Branson and one man named Espen Fadnes rule the sky.

Last year, Espen Fadnes won an international competition for wingsuit flying, earning him the title of the world’s fastest flying human. In the following video made by the Goovinn, Fadness fills the audience in on his experience– how he feels jumping off the cliff, how he plans his descent and how he dreams about flying.

So, what’s it like flying down a mountain at 250 km/h? – via |