Portal II – A game for the smart ones [VG]

S M A R T    V I D E O    G A M E 

we are currently testing this game, and I got to tell you, it’s fun. It’s basically a 3D puzzle that utilizes the use of a simple portal [two doors you projectile on to a surface make a portal] this portal allows you to travel between two points in space. For example, you drop a door on the floor, then projectile one on the sealing, and you can simply drop from the sealing by passing through the door on the ground and so on.

I say it’s a fun game becasue it requires analitical thinking, and it ain’t really easy. It’s a puzzle you know, not supposed to be easy.

Portal’s rating is off the roof, and we love it. Rated 9.5/10.

Q U I C K    R E V I E W S 

  • “While it’s exciting to think about all the insane puzzles Valve is putting together that take advantage of all the new mechanics in Portal 2, what’s especially interesting is the co-operative mode.”IGN.comRead more
  • “The original ‘Portal’ took the gaming world by storm with its story-themed series of puzzles. This sequel, which will be longer and deeper, hopes to build on that. It’s a rare beast – a game that has an action vibe, but in which you never shoot or fight anyone.”CNBC.comRead more
  • “Valve has taken its time crafting the sequel into something much grander than the brilliant-but-short experience of the original.”Gamasutra.comRead more
  • “The sleeper hit of 2007 gets a much-deserved sequel, with expanded single-player and cooperative adventures.”Wired.comRead more
  • “With Portal 2’s new co-op dynamic, the challenging platforming puzzles you loved in the first game will now require two portal guns to solve.”1UP.comRead more
  • “Portal’s GLaDOS was voted the best character of the past decade, and we can’t wait to spar with her again in this FPS puzzler that introduces new gameplay elements and co-op play to test our mental meddle.”Gameinformer.comRead more
  • “While the first Portal was over in four or five hours, the sequel looks likely to be a much more comprehensive experience.”Videogamer.comRead more
  • “…Tons of new test chambers requiring liberal use of the Portal gun, along with a compelling new co-op mode.”Yahoo.comRead more
  • “It’s a simple, but great game that I am hoping to get a copy of as soon as it first comes out.”ComicBooked.comRead more

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