BlackBerry 9980 – a fancy ugly phone [stupid designs]

U G L Y      M O B I L E      P H O N E S 

What you’re looking at is the BlackBerry Bold 9980 [left] which is due to launch in Dubai next week – a collaboration between RIM (obviously) and Porsche Design.

Effectively it’s a posh Bold 9900 and comes with the same 1.2GHz processor, BlackBerry OS 7, 5-megapixel camera etc as expected. There’s always the chance it will have some form of souped-up OS 7 but we doubt that as it’s a lot of fuss to make for just one phone. Buyers will probably get a nice Porsche-themed wallpaper or ringtone thrown in, though.

We can’t tell you when it’s going to be released but we should have more info after the October 27 official unveiling. Good idea to hold it somewhere like Dubai where there’s obviously a bit of wealth rolling around, even in these austerity-flavoured days.

source – GSMARENA 


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