ThinkUp – The pulling core

Think What

So, to be put plain and simple, ThinkUp is a force field that is pulling all the extraordinary creative minds out there into one single core of collaboration. We came across this zealous project while cruising our stale Twitter timeline. It was announced by the one and only Saleh Al Braik or as he’s known among his followers by @FearlessinDubai, or as I know him as the ”kid who tweets happy things”.

Saleh Al Braik

Saleh came up with the initiative and announced the construction of shortly, but the action started earlier. I’ve got to tell you, this kid is smart and got some authentic marketing flair. Utilizing his relatively massive followers’ base, the initiative spread like cholera (or something more pleasant, you catch my drift). Big names clutched the heavy shovels  of originality and started showcasing their muscles in whatever creative field they were born in, and they were simply declared kings and queens of the young novelty scene in the UAE and the GCC. Or as I like to call them, my fellow lunatics who are needed back in the asylum

Who’s in it

Now kids, let’s jump to the big names we came across while drying our eyes from the tears of joy. One of my all times favorite local directors, Abdulla Al Kaabi, Khaled Al Maskari who wrote one of the simplest and most effective books in Business writing that I liked, Leila Al Marashi who has this hilarious art-show where she basically sticks traditional things on well-known art figures and celebrities, the legendary Nayla Al Khaja, and many others (don’t be slothful, hit for the entire list and interviews).

The whole human thing

The initiative is not just about big names and talented people, no sir. It’s about big ideas and aid. Yes you read that right. One of the big pluses for this baby-initiative is it’s humanitarian dimension. That’s how we like things cooked ladies and gentlemen, sizzling artistically with a hint of humanity. From the environment to Somalia to breast cancer, ThinkUp is doing the whole nine yards.

Is it going on the right path

With the energy of Saleh Al Braik and the everlasting hunger of creative minds to showcase their artwork and contribute to the society, ThinkUp is going big and wide. It’s already showing the classic symptoms of inflammation and in no time it will be featured in important news outlets and blogs (mush like my extremely super important blog right here).

What we are hoping for is that the initiative is working on a team-bases scenario and is not a one man show. It needs effort and some serious maintenance to keep the fire going. Big creative names are hard to find specially if we take in consideration that some of the big talents out there aren’t big fans of showcasing their art-work online. And oh Lord, some artists, filmmakers, writers are really protective when it comes to featuring their artwork and it’s hard like hell to hunt them down and write about them.

What do we wish them

All the luck, and an endless lasting fire of inspiration and enthusiasm. We are proud of all of those working on this lovely innovative initiative (cue the violins, and pass the tissues please). Saleh if you are reading this, I want to personally thank you for this delicious cake of creativity. Keep it up kids.

I want more

here’s Saleh’s twitter account and click here to jump to for more action and information or to make your life easier [ you lazy muffin] jump to Thinkup’s about page and youtube channel


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