Things organized neatly [art-ish]

I won’t say that I’m amazed by this relatively odd project, but being a neat-freak makes me feel at ease looking at these neatly organized items. Its fun to look at, colorful and shiny.

a project by  Austin Radcliffe @thngsorgnzdntlyTo preview the enitre project, take a leap to Radcliff’s Tumblr blog 

ed: You have to click this photo.


I acquired my good friend, Jane’s, relative’s old photography equipment. I feel honored and will take good care/will make good use of these lovelies.
So many step up and down rings!SUBMISSION: The kikki.K mid year catalogue showing the 2012 dated rangeSUBMISSION: Some random dark objects from my apartment.SUBMISSION: Some random white object from my apartment.


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