The cow’s theory of corporate systems


Working for a company, whichever it was, is energy draining in so many aspects. One of them is the ever lasting stress, not of the work-load mind you or the nagging boss who can’t get his nose out of between your legs, but the liquid, ever changing structure of the organization.

A manager arrives, shits on the company like a little filthy pigeon then flies away. Every manager or managing director comes with his own vision. Rarely it’s a great overseeing scheme, and mostly it’s a stale vision of a cow that can’t see beyond the steaming pile of crap she lefts behind.

Ideologies rule companies not managerial revelations in this country. We have this astoundingly disgusting hidden system of lobbying. The interconnections of inner circles and who knows whom. Eighty percent of all decisions made regarding the organizational structure are made outside the organization, in a café or over dinner, or maybe in the middle of a ”party”. Not over a meeting room’s table while discussing the future outcomes, because there are no future outcomes.

There is no ”one manager” to a company in some parts of this country. The great savior comes to the rescue, prince charming with his sets of beliefs and modern innovative executive style, and his naïve daydream of a better corporate environment that will be written in the decaying books of history, and within months he gets infected by the hidden protocol and endless agendas of men in power surrounding him, and he caves.

A true game of thrones, where every bird dips his peak to the magnificent pond of opportunity before he craps tar on everyone under him and flies to a better, wider lake. And who eats it, the tar covered simple man who doesn’t know what’s hidden and what’s being cooked in the deep abyss of darkness. The simple man who knows how to blindly drive to work every morning, knows how to submissively sits his ass on the rusty pale synthetic blue leather chair that an endless number of ”sheep” used to serve the ”system” from over it. Because we are all servants. We are all slaves to the big fat system of nothingness, only if we allow it to infiltrate us.

Everyday at work some of us hear people unknowingly talking about power, greed, social positions and the tremor of new changes around every corner of the mighty structure of the company. The concrete walls know more than we do about what’s next. A change after change, a loop of endless blind decisions that serve no one but the inflated egos of the titan managers who are bigger than life to be questioned. It’s the vision that no one is supposed to question. The cow’s vision of steaming shit.


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