Emirati culture stripped to the bones [art]

Skulls, skeletons, fleshless faces and bodies with the national costume splashed all over the bony figures. No, its not a horror movie, but a fresh dazzling look at the UAE’s cultural configuration through the scorching sarcastic visualization of  Maisoon Al Saleh.

Maisoon is by far the most popular mainstream artist we came across over the social networking realm. Emirati young ones sometimes might not realize who is the great artist behind that satirical picture of the Emirati skeleton girl using a Blackberry in black and white, but they’re surely enjoying the unconventional work and sharing it via social media on daily bases.

When we first laid eyes on one of AL Saleh’s work we were amused by its peculiarity. We’ve reviewed a lot of global art, ancient and modern and came across a lot of outlandish artists who we found joy in their work, and by all means this young Emirati  artist easily joins the global artistic herd.

Locally, she leads the way in the unconventional modern pop art. Modern art virtually doesn’t even exist in our nation, and this heavyweight newcomer gives a loud voice to the turf and makes it harder for others to top her level of artistic sophistication.

Not only does her flesh-stripping ideas strike you with their individuality, but her technique brings a fresh look to the standard black and white art terrain. Hard contrast, brutal strokes, and extreme attention to details and texture all give her work a new dimension.

Maisoon Al Saleh in short is an Emirati newcomer to be put under the spotlight of future drastic changes in the outdated Emarati art scene.

For more about the artist jump to her website or follow her on her twitter account or her facebook page

All pictures listed in this post are courtesy of the artist and are extracted from her public website and public facebook page. Those pictures weren’t modified, enhanced or altered by any means.


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