Cardboard art [fresh]

Wacky fresh kind of art we liked by Berni Valenta


Amazon Kindle – the mighty [review]

update – the new touch screen kindle

update – the year old device is now refreshed by Amazon, to some ugly keyboard-less midget devices. We still love the graceful 3rd generation Kindles, hence we review them based on personal experience. – 30.09.2011

If you’re an avid reader who enjoys kicking back on his fluffy comfy couch while firmly clinching to his fat paper book and enjoying a cup of tea – then you’ll enjoy the Kindle.

When it comes to reading on devices, I’ve done it all. The laptop, the iPad, the iPod even a gigantic plasma TV screen. The paper book always kicked ass. The paper book wins for one reason, no eye-strain. You don’t feel, after half an hour, that your eyes are about to bleed electrons. The same experience can easily be enjoyed on a Kindle.

Here’s why we simply liked reading on the Amazon Kindle and switched from paper to e-ink in a jiffy when we tested it

No back light biatch – the modern marvel of e-ink

No back-light whatsoever. No eye-strain, which means reading for hours under Edison’s bulb or God’s mighty sun is natural with no glare. Yes at night you’ll have to switch a little light to read your erotica, I mean thriller novel, but that is even better. Scientists discovered that exposing your fat face to a bright screen before sleeping can significantly disturb your sleeping pattern. So to sleep like a little cow on your bed, counting burning hopping sheep, you should stay away from anything with pixels.

One question people keep asking me while examining this device like a piece of alien-technology fallen from Saturn, is it a touch-screen? If it was a touch screen I would’ve flung it out of a window. It’s designed to make reading as easy as a gentle push of a button. Two buttons on both sides are placed strategically to be under the command of your fat thumbs at anytime, regardless of which hand you use to read.

A butt-load of books under your command

I’m one of those who like to have options while reading. If I get bored of one particular book, I immediately switch to another. Sometimes I read three books in the same time [ every book is from a different genre for sure]. In a tiny device like the Kindle, you can crowd your entire library and still have space for more. The tiny 4 GB storage room is more than enough to host around 3500 books. That’s a gigantic butt-load.

Works in the UAE – but the store doesn’t work

One of the concerns I had before purchasing my Kindle was how the hell can I feed books to this thing. I heard about Amazon’s closed ecosystem [ kinda like Apple]. But I got the device anyway and decided to try my luck. The books format that works on the device is called .MOBI. The internet is filled with books in that format. Hell if you can’t find the book you like, just use a converter to convert PDF or iPad books to Kindle books [takes three seconds]. Or just get an American account to purchase books from Amazon, that worked on iTunes and also works for Amazon [stupid Americans].

Despite being a lovely device, you still can’t directly purchase books from Amazon bookstore through the device’s experimental browser [ since there is not virtual UAE Amazon store yet – which is stupid]. Nonetheless, you can get your books elsewhere, or use a fake American account,  and plug a micro-USB cable into your Kindle [ BlackBerry USB wires work nicely], and with a trouble-free drag-drop move you’ll be ready to go.

Battery life – virtually endless

not really, but two months of reading with one charge is brilliant. You don’t have to fret about recharging your device while reading about the protagonist who is about to save the princess and French-kiss her in 10-pages-long paragraph. And to recharge your device you don’t have to plug it to an eerie looking cable and charge it through a wall socket like you live in the 90’s, just plug it to any standard micro-USB wire like I mentioned above and you’re good to go.

Devoted device for reading

with angry birds on your iPad, kiss reading goodbye. I was one of those who foolishly decided to read on their iPad using that gorgeous touch screen, swipe virtual pages with my food-stained filthy fat fingers. But out of 600 books on the device, I finished nothing. There are simply too many distraction on tablets, and while the internet is a push-of-button away, its virtually impossible to read.

On the Kindle, you have nothing else to do but read. No flying psycho birds, no green pigs, no facebook or twitter. Just you and your books. Yes, the device’s experimental browser has access to all social networks, but who will really spend any time using that snail-slow e-ink black-and-white browser.

Can’t read a book while driving – listen to it

the Kindle comes with an experimental text-to-voice reader. Yes, sometimes the dude who is reading your book sounds like a retarded cow on cocaine, but he reads well. For a quick listen while driving to your office, its great. I’m not a big admirer of audio-books but sometimes I’ll be reading a thriller, and I want to know if the killer’s sister is actually his mother [an Indian film thriller], that’s when I plug the Kindle to my car via an AUX cable and listen to the retarded cow.

Wrap it up son

It’s a great device, and no it won’t kill the paper book [for now], but it surely a great replacement to paper. It’s the future of reading for those who are not looking to be blinded by all the radiating screens around them. Long lasting battery, crisp e-ink display, light weight, gracefully placed buttons, and a butt-load of book-storage, and over all, a devoted device for reading– what’s not to love.

If you have any elaborate ideas or questions or you used the device yourself, let us know [ or don’t, it will save us the effort of replying to your fat ass].

Particles breaking the speed of light [CERN]

Physicists at Cern, Switzerland, home of the Large Hadron Collider, say it appears some subatomic particles are traveling faster than the speed of light.

In an experiment, neutrinos sent through the ground from Cern toward another laboratory more than 450 miles away seemed to arrive there a tiny fraction of a second earlier than the speed of light, long considered the universe’s ultimate speed limit, the BBC reported Thursday.

The experimenters, who say their results will be posted online for other scientists to examine, are being cautious about their findings.

“We tried to find all possible explanations for this,” report author Antonio Ereditato said.

“We wanted to find a mistake — trivial mistakes, more complicated mistakes, or nasty effects — and we didn’t.”

Much of modern physics theory, based largely on Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity, is grounded on the idea that nothing can exceed the speed of light.

Ereditato and his colleagues, carrying out neutrino experiments for the last three years, have found the particles apparently showed up a few billionths of a second sooner than light would over the same distance.

The experiment has been repeated about 15,000 times, with results reaching a level of statistical significance that in scientific circles would count as a formal discovery, some researchers say.

But Ereditato remains cautious.

“We are not claiming things, we want just to be helped by the community in understanding our crazy result — because it is crazy,” he said. – source –

twofour54 – on the grill

To those everyday travelers across Salam street then Qarm street in Abu Dhabi, the strange looking building with the colorful circles splashed all over it is not a mystery. The infamous  twofour54 (which I thought was a hotel, then a restaurant, then I settled for an advertisement agency) but it was actually a (just give me a second while I Google it again) Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority. It’s a funky authority and we like its overall theme, but one thing we didn’t like, was its grief-stricken managerial structure.

We dug a little about this company, and their mission was loud and clear and sadly unrecognizably-very-nationally-critical , and I quote:

twofour54’s vision is to enable the development of world class Arabic media and entertainment content, by Arabs for Arabs, and to position Abu Dhabi as a regional centre of excellence in content creation across all media platforms including film, broadcast, music, digital media, events, gaming and                       publishing –source

But wait a minute, who’s the company’s CEO? An Arab, an Emarati god-forbid? No, he’s none but Tony Orsten. But who is Mr. Orsten, what intellectual background does he possess. Would he have the vision to bring us enlightened media that will emerge this Emarati nation and all Arab nations to cultural enlightenment?

Well, he was – and I quote

the Managing Director of MTV Networks International’s comedy channels including Comedy Central. Tony created, developed and launched successful television channels in the UK, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany – same source as above

Oh boy, so this big flashy company that is supposed to be a pillar for our future generation, and supposed to deliver Arabic cultural illumination is managed by someone who is not only not an Arab nor an Emarati, but also managed a MTV channel. MTV ladies and gentleman to culture, is what McDonalds to nourishing food. Junk.

Fine, maybe the CEO is not an Emarati nor an Arab, but the team under him might be  partially an Emarati team (since you know, the entire authority is a national authority that is based in the freaken heart of the Capital). Yet again, no.

There are 12 key people in the entire structure of the company (picture below), of which only one Emarati woman is among them, that is the great Noura Al-Kaabi, who fills the position of the Head of Human Development, whatever that means (and seriously, we are proud of her).

I want to congratulate our nation for having an-all none local company that will deliver the western skewed vision of a degrading zombiefied nation of MTV youth. Why not bring Kim Kardashian to be head of HR on the way down the hill to the cultural abyss we are about to dive in to.

We are not saying that the authority will kill the culture, but they will have to be damn carful what they produce and who they hire to lead the media production over there. We have all the right to be concerned over what a huge mast like this company will bring to the cultural scene. We owe it to our current/future children to make sure that the future content that will be brought to them, will be delivered out from an Emarati/Arab hand.

Things organized neatly [art-ish]

I won’t say that I’m amazed by this relatively odd project, but being a neat-freak makes me feel at ease looking at these neatly organized items. Its fun to look at, colorful and shiny.

a project by  Austin Radcliffe @thngsorgnzdntlyTo preview the enitre project, take a leap to Radcliff’s Tumblr blog 

ed: You have to click this photo.


I acquired my good friend, Jane’s, relative’s old photography equipment. I feel honored and will take good care/will make good use of these lovelies.
So many step up and down rings!SUBMISSION: The kikki.K mid year catalogue showing the 2012 dated rangeSUBMISSION: Some random dark objects from my apartment.SUBMISSION: Some random white object from my apartment.

The cow’s theory of corporate systems


Working for a company, whichever it was, is energy draining in so many aspects. One of them is the ever lasting stress, not of the work-load mind you or the nagging boss who can’t get his nose out of between your legs, but the liquid, ever changing structure of the organization.

A manager arrives, shits on the company like a little filthy pigeon then flies away. Every manager or managing director comes with his own vision. Rarely it’s a great overseeing scheme, and mostly it’s a stale vision of a cow that can’t see beyond the steaming pile of crap she lefts behind.

Ideologies rule companies not managerial revelations in this country. We have this astoundingly disgusting hidden system of lobbying. The interconnections of inner circles and who knows whom. Eighty percent of all decisions made regarding the organizational structure are made outside the organization, in a café or over dinner, or maybe in the middle of a ”party”. Not over a meeting room’s table while discussing the future outcomes, because there are no future outcomes.

There is no ”one manager” to a company in some parts of this country. The great savior comes to the rescue, prince charming with his sets of beliefs and modern innovative executive style, and his naïve daydream of a better corporate environment that will be written in the decaying books of history, and within months he gets infected by the hidden protocol and endless agendas of men in power surrounding him, and he caves.

A true game of thrones, where every bird dips his peak to the magnificent pond of opportunity before he craps tar on everyone under him and flies to a better, wider lake. And who eats it, the tar covered simple man who doesn’t know what’s hidden and what’s being cooked in the deep abyss of darkness. The simple man who knows how to blindly drive to work every morning, knows how to submissively sits his ass on the rusty pale synthetic blue leather chair that an endless number of ”sheep” used to serve the ”system” from over it. Because we are all servants. We are all slaves to the big fat system of nothingness, only if we allow it to infiltrate us.

Everyday at work some of us hear people unknowingly talking about power, greed, social positions and the tremor of new changes around every corner of the mighty structure of the company. The concrete walls know more than we do about what’s next. A change after change, a loop of endless blind decisions that serve no one but the inflated egos of the titan managers who are bigger than life to be questioned. It’s the vision that no one is supposed to question. The cow’s vision of steaming shit.

Picasso: Drawing With Light [art]

Picasso is an insanely visionary artist as it is, yet  to draw on the void of air in a blink of an eye using nothing but the glory of light is revolutionary.

“Picasso” LIFE magazine reported at the time, “gave Mili 15 minutes to try one experiment. He was so fascinated by the result that he posed for five sessions, projecting 30 drawings of centaurs, bulls, Greek profiles and his signature. Mili took his photographs in a darkened room, using two cameras, one for side view, another for front view. By leaving the shutters open, he caught the light streaks swirling through space.” – TIME

“By setting off a 1/10,000-second strobe light, [Mili] caught Picasso’s intense, agile figure as it flailed away at the drawings,” LIFE reported.


Picasso Drawing With Light